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    Regular submission to Search Engines and Directories


Having a website is like having a brochure or advert in a directory, it can be very pretty or cleverly designed, but if you do not have a search engine optimisation strategy no one will find it through the search engines, then it is simply not doing your business any good.

If like me you have been in business for many years, seen the rise of the internet for social and business purposes, had hundreds of companies promise you that they can get your website a page one ranking on Google or Yahoo and many other search engines and they have failed, but not without some serious expense to your business, then you will know that no one can guarantee a page one ranking as the criteria by which search engines list websites is continually changing.

What you can do, indeed need to do, is have an SEO strategy and continually work on the search engine optimisation of your website to ensure that it is relevant to the search phrases you have chosen, is constructed in a manner which allows the search engines to easily analyse it and has relevant link exposure which help it achieve page one ranking and rise above the websites of your competitors.

Now this is unlikely to be something you know how to do yourself, however we have specialist software which will analyse your website in the same way as a search engine would and we can therefore advise you what has to be changed in order to improve website ranking for your chosen search phrases. This is done in a highly ethical method so as to comply with the White Hat requirements of the search engines, thereby avoiding your website being black listed or not ranked at all.

Once the adjustments specified in our initial report have been made, the next important factor in successful search engine optimisation is correct link exposure or back links as they were previously known. Our software will use White Hat procedures in conjunction with our partner webmasters to build links with other websites, relevant to your own. This is crucial in achieving improved website ranking.

You will appreciate this is a continuous process, however depending upon a number of factors, with our help this SEO strategy will help improve website ranking in a period of three to six months and hopefully a page one website ranking for your selected search terms within a year. We do recommend that you commit to this SEO process for one year in order to achieve the best possible results. However, we do not ask you to sign a contract. You can end this work at any time you choose, should you consider we are not making progress improving the position of your website on the search engines.

Remember, the days of having an expensive advert in a directory and the phone ringing off the hook with customers are long gone. Now a website has to be continually analysed, updated, have link exposure to other relevant sites and submitted at optimum regular intervals to the search engines for indexing and ultimately to be ranked. This is simply an ongoing moderate expense of a successful website and business.

Kindly take a few minutes to read the next pages to see what is involved and then hopefully you will contact us to discuss what can be done for your website.


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